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Anglicare Telopea Project

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We were called in to solve a range of acoustic and soundproofing issues at Anglicare’s Telopea office. They had a training room with so much echo that it was affecting everyone’s ability to concentrate and hear what was going on. There was also some problems with sound transferring into closed rooms, making sensitive or private conversations a problem but also creating distractions for workers. With a number of different approaches, we were able to sole the problems to a very satisfactory standard, as the testimonial that we received from their executive manager indicates.

This is the work that was carried out:

  1. Acoustically rated door seals to existing doors
  2. New acoustically rated double door + acoustically rated door seals
  3. Sound absorptive panels for walls and ceilings

Anglicare upgraded main office area.

Anglicare new acoustically rated double door.

"Thank you for the excellent work completed in our Telopea office. The acoustic improvements to our work environment are amazing; I have received a lot of positive feedback from workers. The reduction of echo in our training room is such a relief. The sound absorbing panels, whether on the wall or ceiling, are very discreet but so effective.

"I appreciate too your availability to do the work on the weekends to minimise disruption. So thanks again for your initial assessment and advice and for the subsequent reliable and efficient work you achieved."

Kind regards,
Jackie Palmer
Executive Manager, Out of Home Care
Anglicare Sydney