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Rockdale Theatre gets the professional acoustic treatment

Sunday, August 23, 2015

We recently completed a project at Rockdale's Guild Theatre.  A great co-operation between Government and commercial contractors to achieve a fabulous result.

Guild Theatre Rockdale Acoustic treatment

Guild theatre rockdale soundproofing solutions

Circular Quay is beautiful but noisy

Friday, August 21, 2015

It is everyone's dream to live in such an amazing location as Circular Quay, overlooking Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and watching the ferries and boats go by.  But did you every stop to think how loud it can get around there?  It is very noisy, almost 24 hours a day the sound levels are constantly barraging your living space.  Without good soundproofing, your quality of life can really be affected, taking away much of the great value of living in such a prime location. 

Action Soundproofing was asked to reinforce the acoustic insulation at Macquarie Place.  With some high quality acoustic door seals, a superior result was achieved. 

soundproof doors at circular quay

Typical residential noise problem of living near roads and trains

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In a city like Sydney, with high density and a booming population, projected to grow even more significantly over the coming years, living here is becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to having a peaceful home life, undisturbed by outside noise. More and more the sounds of the city are intruding into our private living space. It is one of the prices we pay for living in such a big and vibrant city, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Take for example, this recent project we did to solve a noise problem for a resident living near busy roads and a train line in Gibbon Street, Redfern, right near the heart of the city. We have soundproofed the wall section. (doing that we have gain more room for the secondary glazing system). We have soundproofed the balcony door by installing a secondary glazing aluminium system with 38mm laminated hush glass. We then painted the wall and re-installed the plantation shutters.

redfern soundproofing door solution

redfern soundproofing train and road noise

redfern noise pollution solution soundproofing doors

From our client: "Hi Jan ...thanks for the great job. Really happy. It makes a huge difference and looks great!"

If you are living in a noisy part of Sydney, contact us to find out what we can do to significantly reduce the effects of the city noise in your home.

Soundproofing an office makes good business sense

Monday, July 06, 2015

These days, there are a lot of offices set up in the 'open plan' style, as companies like to make it look and feel like everyone is equal, all sharing the workload and feeling like a team. However, the reality is that it can be quite distracting working in a big office full of people all in the same room.  Many people end up wearing headphones and listening to music all day, which defeats the purpose of open plan offices and makes for more disengagement and less communication.  Another factor is that quite often a conversation is intended to be private, either for business or personal reasons.  Other conversations can get quite animated, which again can be distracting to other workers.  So almost always, offices end up resorting to a closed-in office, or boardroom, where people retreat to have those private conversations or to get away from the distractions of the open plan.

The problem comes when these supposedly private rooms are not soundproofed very well.  People get the illusion of privacy and seclusion, but in fact people outside may still hear the conversation and may still be put off by the sounds coming from the boardroom.

Action soundproofing recently completed a project in the Gateway Building, Macquarie Place, Sydney, to create some effective soundproofed environments for office staff.  We came up with a cost-effective soundproofing solution, mainly focused on the doors, where much of the sound was leaking out from.  Our corporate client was very happy, as their testimonial shows. 

If you have an open plan office, or have a boardroom that is not correctly insulated from an acoustic perspective, call us and find out what we can do to rectify the situation.

Victorian Government Subsidises Soundproofing of Live Venues

Monday, June 15, 2015

Great news from Melbourne – the Victorian Government has agreed to subsidise the soundproofing of live music venues in Victoria, in recognition of the importance of live music to Victorian culture and the Victorian economy.  This is great news for the music industry - and for the soundproofing industry.  It recognises that music and other noise is part of our modern society, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to put up with it.  There are strategies for reducing the impact of loud music.  

A lot of the money is going in the form of rebates for works previously completed, as the new rules place the onus on developers and residents who build or move close to established live music venues.  

Successful applicants of the grants will be reimbursed for soundproofing works completed or contracted between 4 September 2010 and 4 September 2014, in addition to this, grants may also be available for venues where a nearby residential development received a planning permit before the Agent of Change Principle was introduced yet the construction did not commence by 4 September 2014.

The important Agent of Change Principle kicked into full swing in September of last year, placing the onus for soundproofing on developers or residents that move near an established venue, a major victory for live music venues in Victoria.

Read the press release from the Victorian Premier, The Hon, Daniel Andrews here  

Read another story about the announcement here

Action Soundproofing conducts many soundproofing projects in Melbourne and Victoria. This new announcement, although mostly for works already completed, does allow for new works by venues.  It also points developers and residents in  the direction of taking care of their own soundproofing.  Contact us for all enquiries about soundproofing for live venues and soundproofing for residences and businesses that operate close to live music venues.

Home Studios and Rehearsal Rooms

Friday, May 01, 2015

We have been getting a lot of call lately for people wishing to retrofit their homes and sometimes business premises with a space in which to rehearse and record a band. There seems to be a growing popularity for people to have fun in their spare time putting a band together for weekend jams and occasional gigs.  Perhaps it is partly due to the affordability of so much great musical gear but also as people get older they get sentimental about the old bands they played in back in their youth and wish to recreate that feeling, now that they own their own house. 

So, Action Soundproofing is asked to look at anything from a bedroom to a garage, basement or back shed and make it suitable for a band complete with drums and loud guitar amplifiers, to avoid problems with the neighbors. There are many great solutions, each one tailored to the particular challenges presented. 

If you are thinking of having a reunion of all your old musician friends and getting a jam session going at your place, the best place to start is with a soundproofing consultation from Action Soundproofing. 

Plant Room Noise Solution in Office and Home Environments

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One typical noise issue in office environments is conversation privacy and confidentiality. In this case we have installed HD polyester sound absorber to separate a common ceiling cavity installed above two glass partition walls.  We sealed all gaps and installed acoustically rated door seals to minimise sound leaks around and at the bottom of door.

office Soundproofing

Plant room noise Soundproofing (reduction) without restricting Air flow. At the street level, residents were complaining about excessive noise levels coming from the nearby plant room. Due to the importance of correct air flow we could not enclose the plant room completely, so instead we have designed sound absorbing panels that absorb unwanted plant room noise. In this case we have achieved 22dB noise reduction at the street level. That is phenomenal result.

Plant Room Panels for Noise Reduction

View more images of these two projects here.


Recording Studio Treatment

Thursday, February 19, 2015
We recently finished a project at Rumble Studios where we have designed an acoustic solution for an internal reverberation problem they had. We have built two new walls - one 10 degree angled and a flat face wall with almost two feet space for HD sound absorbers. We also used our new product, viscoelastic bass traps, covered with our fabric wall upholstery. We had also installed sound absorptive clouds above the composers desk.

Read below the comment from the client:

“Thank you so much. You do such great work and we're very appreciative of your level of service - the room looks Ah-Ma-Zing”

Noise is becoming a growing problem in the city

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sydney is a booming city - literally.  It is booming in the real estate market and the sound problems associated with it are booming too.  Unfortunately, building codes and council regulations simply are not good enough to cater for the fact that we are living closer together and therefore affecting our neighbours more with noise.  What makes it worse is that we all have booming stereos and surround sound televisions, going for that full theatre experience when we watch movies, but we still have residential building materials and nothing like the acoustic engineering expertise the big cinemas have to control the noise.  

Another problem is that more and more people are working from home, so the sounds emanating from a residence can be very different these days.  People set up recording studios in bedrooms, practice professional singing and musical instruments, even run small home offices with an overall increase in general activity.  

With flexible hours these days, too, people can be doing all kinds of things at different hours.  Some people might work nights and need to sleep all day while their neighbours are taking the day off to listen to loud music or have a lunchtime barbecue with a lot of friends.

The bottom line is, that if regulations and building codes had kept up with our change of lifestyle, Action Soundproofing would have a lot less work to do.  Sadly, though for our a lot of our clients, this is not the case.  We are constantly getting inundated with enquiries to fix problems that should never have been problems in the first place.  Thin walls, doors and floors, buildings that transfer sound from residence to residence through poor planning in the design stage are just some of the problems we encounter.

We end up being asked to retro-fit residences and commercial properties with acoustic absorption solutions that should have been there in the first place.  If you can hear your neighbour snoring, there is something definitely wrong with the building!

The good thing is that there are good solutions and depending on the problem at hand, they can be quite cost-effective. Of course we would prefer if these problems didn’t happen in the first place, but once they are solved permanently, the peace of mind achieved is worth it.

If you have an issue with transfer of external acoustic sources into your private space, or you need to make your own sound less intrusive on your neighbours, please contact us and we will investigate the issues and come up with the best solution. 

Soundproofing Possibilities - Internal Noise

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sometimes external noises such as traffic or heavy machinery may not be the problem, but in fact internal noise could be a major problem for you and your family. This is a common case we encounter regularly, especially with young, growing families. 
Earlier this week we received an enquiry in regards to this problem, and the possibilities of reducing internal noise problems. Living in a 2 storey, 4 bedroom home with 3 kids running about, with very little soundproofing can evidently be a struggle. Through Action Soundproofing this no longer has to be a problem for you and your family, and we can assure you that the peace will be restored in no time!
If you're experiencing a similar problem or have any other enquiries, feel free to contact us so we can assist you further.