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Psychology practice gets the full soundproof treatment for patient privacy

Monday, October 03, 2016

Most offices these days are not built with the specific purpose in mind of the tenant. Some business and professions require more privacy and acoustic isolation than others.

Psychologists, in particular require quiet, calm and peaceful environments in which to see patients.

They also need to resect the patient’s privacy am d,ake sure that anything said in a psychology session is not going to travel through the walls and be heard by other people in other rooms or other parts of the building.

So we were approached to take care of this problem recently for a psychology practice.
Our solution required a number of different aspects, including and entire office fit out, soundproofed walls; soundproofed doors with acoustically rated door seals and a ceiling cavity treatment. So many different ways for sound to escape a room and to intrude into a room.
Our clients were very happy with the outcome. Here is their testimonial:
"I wanted to let you know that the soundproofing is great in our new office! What you recommended was just right for what we needed for a psychology practice.
Thank you for your advice and making suggestions so I could still work with my budget.
I appreciate your professionalism, quality workmanship and reliability and would highly recommend you to any of my colleagues."
Please see photos below and also check our gallery.
If you have a business they requires extra privacy and solitude than what your landlord or builder has been able to provide, please contact us to discuss your situation and how we can help.