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Typical residential noise problem of noisy neighbours

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sydney is a vibrant and energetic city, projected to grow significantly over the coming years. Though it is often wonderful to live in such a dynamic environment, noise pollution in one's living space can be a hefty price to pay.

Many people have decided to take control of the situation, and reclaim their peaceful home environment. Charles from Mosman shared with us what he has gained from his recent investment into our services!

I obtained several quotes to treat our bedroom wall to reduce the sound from the neighbour's bedroom.
Jan Munzar from Action Soundproofing provided what I consider the best technical solution, and the result has been fantastic.
His work was meticulous and professional, contributing to a satisfying outcome.

Thanks again Jan.


measurements and wall before project
project starts and soundproofing materials are laid
shot of entire wall with some materials placed
another shot of entire wall
wall covered entirely in soundproofing materials
boards are placed and sealed
sealing complete and ready for painting

Anglicare Telopea Project

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We were called in to solve a range of acoustic and soundproofing issues at Anglicare’s Telopea office. They had a training room with so much echo that it was affecting everyone’s ability to concentrate and hear what was going on. There was also some problems with sound transferring into closed rooms, making sensitive or private conversations a problem but also creating distractions for workers. With a number of different approaches, we were able to sole the problems to a very satisfactory standard, as the testimonial that we received from their executive manager indicates.

This is the work that was carried out:

  1. Acoustically rated door seals to existing doors
  2. New acoustically rated double door + acoustically rated door seals
  3. Sound absorptive panels for walls and ceilings

Anglicare upgraded main office area.

Anglicare new acoustically rated double door.

"Thank you for the excellent work completed in our Telopea office. The acoustic improvements to our work environment are amazing; I have received a lot of positive feedback from workers. The reduction of echo in our training room is such a relief. The sound absorbing panels, whether on the wall or ceiling, are very discreet but so effective.

"I appreciate too your availability to do the work on the weekends to minimise disruption. So thanks again for your initial assessment and advice and for the subsequent reliable and efficient work you achieved."

Kind regards,
Jackie Palmer
Executive Manager, Out of Home Care
Anglicare Sydney

Rockdale Theatre gets the professional acoustic treatment

Sunday, August 23, 2015

We recently completed a project at Rockdale's Guild Theatre.  A great co-operation between Government and commercial contractors to achieve a fabulous result.

Guild Theatre Rockdale Acoustic treatment

Guild theatre rockdale soundproofing solutions

Circular Quay is beautiful but noisy

Friday, August 21, 2015

It is everyone's dream to live in such an amazing location as Circular Quay, overlooking Sydney Harbour, the Opera House and watching the ferries and boats go by.  But did you every stop to think how loud it can get around there?  It is very noisy, almost 24 hours a day the sound levels are constantly barraging your living space.  Without good soundproofing, your quality of life can really be affected, taking away much of the great value of living in such a prime location. 

Action Soundproofing was asked to reinforce the acoustic insulation at Macquarie Place.  With some high quality acoustic door seals, a superior result was achieved. 

soundproof doors at circular quay

Typical residential noise problem of living near roads and trains

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In a city like Sydney, with high density and a booming population, projected to grow even more significantly over the coming years, living here is becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to having a peaceful home life, undisturbed by outside noise. More and more the sounds of the city are intruding into our private living space. It is one of the prices we pay for living in such a big and vibrant city, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Take for example, this recent project we did to solve a noise problem for a resident living near busy roads and a train line in Gibbon Street, Redfern, right near the heart of the city. We have soundproofed the wall section. (doing that we have gain more room for the secondary glazing system). We have soundproofed the balcony door by installing a secondary glazing aluminium system with 38mm laminated hush glass. We then painted the wall and re-installed the plantation shutters.

redfern soundproofing door solution

redfern soundproofing train and road noise

redfern noise pollution solution soundproofing doors

From our client: "Hi Jan ...thanks for the great job. Really happy. It makes a huge difference and looks great!"

If you are living in a noisy part of Sydney, contact us to find out what we can do to significantly reduce the effects of the city noise in your home.

Plant Room Noise Solution in Office and Home Environments

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One typical noise issue in office environments is conversation privacy and confidentiality. In this case we have installed HD polyester sound absorber to separate a common ceiling cavity installed above two glass partition walls.  We sealed all gaps and installed acoustically rated door seals to minimise sound leaks around and at the bottom of door.

office Soundproofing

Plant room noise Soundproofing (reduction) without restricting Air flow. At the street level, residents were complaining about excessive noise levels coming from the nearby plant room. Due to the importance of correct air flow we could not enclose the plant room completely, so instead we have designed sound absorbing panels that absorb unwanted plant room noise. In this case we have achieved 22dB noise reduction at the street level. That is phenomenal result.

Plant Room Panels for Noise Reduction

View more images of these two projects here.


Recording Studio Treatment

Thursday, February 19, 2015
We recently finished a project at Rumble Studios where we have designed an acoustic solution for an internal reverberation problem they had. We have built two new walls - one 10 degree angled and a flat face wall with almost two feet space for HD sound absorbers. We also used our new product, viscoelastic bass traps, covered with our fabric wall upholstery. We had also installed sound absorptive clouds above the composers desk.

Read below the comment from the client:

“Thank you so much. You do such great work and we're very appreciative of your level of service - the room looks Ah-Ma-Zing”

Classical guitar shop on a very busy road needed help

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

We are called in to a nice little guitar shop on Parramatta Road in Sydney.  Rob from Sydney Classical Guitars had a major problem with traffic noise.  Inside his shop, discerning classical guitarists were trying to choose between the extremely subtle nuances of musical sound vibration of each of the beautiful guitars he had in stock.  Meanwhile, barely two metres from his front door buses, cars and massive trucks were roaring past.  It was quite a disaster because the old shop did very little to dampen the noise. It was built long before the traffic was so bad.  

Rob's shop has a great ambience and nice fresh clean atmosphere, it really needed to shut out the traffic noise to complete the experience and make his customers enjoy their stay, playing guitars and comparing their sound properties.

The door and window were clearly major problems, so we set about providing some strong dampening and insulation around the gaps.  With a few other strategies we were able to bring the deafening roar of Parramatta Road right down to a very bearable level, where the customer experience returned. The difference between opening the door and closing the door is remarkable.  Total silence was impossible without a whole new building, but for a very modest investment, Rob is now able to run his business in peace with a very satisfactory result.