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Typical residential noise problem of noisy neighbours

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sydney is a vibrant and energetic city, projected to grow significantly over the coming years. Though it is often wonderful to live in such a dynamic environment, noise pollution in one's living space can be a hefty price to pay.

Many people have decided to take control of the situation, and reclaim their peaceful home environment. Charles from Mosman shared with us what he has gained from his recent investment into our services!

I obtained several quotes to treat our bedroom wall to reduce the sound from the neighbour's bedroom.
Jan Munzar from Action Soundproofing provided what I consider the best technical solution, and the result has been fantastic.
His work was meticulous and professional, contributing to a satisfying outcome.

Thanks again Jan.


measurements and wall before project
project starts and soundproofing materials are laid
shot of entire wall with some materials placed
another shot of entire wall
wall covered entirely in soundproofing materials
boards are placed and sealed
sealing complete and ready for painting