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Victorian Government Subsidises Soundproofing of Live Venues

Monday, June 15, 2015

Great news from Melbourne – the Victorian Government has agreed to subsidise the soundproofing of live music venues in Victoria, in recognition of the importance of live music to Victorian culture and the Victorian economy.  This is great news for the music industry - and for the soundproofing industry.  It recognises that music and other noise is part of our modern society, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to put up with it.  There are strategies for reducing the impact of loud music.  

A lot of the money is going in the form of rebates for works previously completed, as the new rules place the onus on developers and residents who build or move close to established live music venues.  

Successful applicants of the grants will be reimbursed for soundproofing works completed or contracted between 4 September 2010 and 4 September 2014, in addition to this, grants may also be available for venues where a nearby residential development received a planning permit before the Agent of Change Principle was introduced yet the construction did not commence by 4 September 2014.

The important Agent of Change Principle kicked into full swing in September of last year, placing the onus for soundproofing on developers or residents that move near an established venue, a major victory for live music venues in Victoria.

Read the press release from the Victorian Premier, The Hon, Daniel Andrews here  

Read another story about the announcement here

Action Soundproofing conducts many soundproofing projects in Melbourne and Victoria. This new announcement, although mostly for works already completed, does allow for new works by venues.  It also points developers and residents in  the direction of taking care of their own soundproofing.  Contact us for all enquiries about soundproofing for live venues and soundproofing for residences and businesses that operate close to live music venues.