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Action Soundproofing has extensive experience in applying soundproofing and noise insulation solutions to large, medium and small scale commercial projects, in Australia and overseas. Commercial sound problems are multi-faceted and can have many costs.  Noise can affect workers and worker health, including stress, lack of concentration, communication issues and other afflictions where unwanted sound permeating the workplace is present. 

Unwanted noise can also affect customers and ultimately the bottom line of a business.  If customers are bombarded with sounds during the buying or servicing process they may hasten the sales process and ultimately leave. These unwanted noises could be emanating from within the business, or for external sound sources, such as neighbouring businesses, traffic, overhead aeroplane sounds or even natural sound such as animals, birds and wind. 

An example from a particular client of ours is a very noisy and busy road in Sydney, Australia, where the traffic noise of passing cars, trucks and busses was significantly affecting a classical guitar shop.  Customers were put off by the traffic noise and could not appreciate the high quality and subtle nuances of the acoustics of each guitar they were trying out. Action Soundproofing applied a number of soundproof measures to the front of the shop and made the shop into a highly pleasant environment, even though the rumbling and roaring traffic was only a few metres away.