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Door Seals

Door sealsA small gap, even under an acoustic door, will let the sound go through, leaving the door practically useless. We have selected a wide range of high quality acoustic seals for doors and windows from light to heavy duty designed for residential and commercial applications such as in office space, recording studios, airport, hotels, shops, factories etc…

For doors or windows to function, they must have gaps between their edges and the frame. These gaps are there to allow easy opening and closing and to accommodate normal building movement.

However, these gaps can also allow the intrusion of:

  • sound
  • fire and smoke
  • rain
  • cold draughts, dust and embers
  • light
  • insects and vermin

and also the leakage of energy:

  • heating
  • air conditioning.

The solution is to fit a door sealing system which seals the gaps around doors and windows when closed. The seals are frequently multi-purpose, sealing against a combination of these intrusions and leakages. Properly fitted, they can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door and window types, that will not impede normal use.