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Sound Absorbers

Fabric Coated Polyester Sound Absorbers

Polyester coated sound absorbers coated with fabric to improve aesthetic appearance. Suitable for open plan office spaces, common hallways, workstations, gymnasium and schools. They can also be used as pinboards. They can be suspended in swimming pool areas, near machinery and in airports terminals.

High Density Polyester Batts

High Density Polyester batts come in different densities, thicknesses and sizes. They are suitable for ceiling, wall and floor cavities and can also be used in plant rooms if coated with plain or perforated aluminium foil.

Polyurethane Foam Absorbers

Polyurethane foam absorbers in flat form or shaped. Available in charcoal grey or other colouring depending on your needs. Suitable for recording studios, editing rooms, home studios, radio stations and booths.