Cinemas have issues from both inside and outside. The whole objective of a cinema is to give an unparalleled experience to the cinema goer to enjoy movies, complete with their surround sound hi-fi audio sound tracks. However, if a cinema is not really well sound proofed, then outside noises can penetrate the movie goer’s experience and drastically detract from the quality of the moment. These sounds can come from the same building or from well outside.  When you go to a cinema you notice the double doors that provide the buffer zone to prevent sounds from the lobby interfering.  Cinemas have numerous sound proofing strategies, including dampening with carpets and wall materials, curtains, bafflles, etc.  

We successfully treat:

  • Reverberation noise;
  • Transmission noise;
  • Reverberation noise in projection rooms
  • External environmental noise that may prevent the enjoyment of film-goers.