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Company Profile

Sydney soundproofing solutions company, Action Soundproofing has over 25 years of experience, installing & supplying comprehensive soundproofing and noise reduction solutions. Unwanted sound is dealt with for residential and commercial areas, including windows, such as double glazing solutions, floor soundproofing, ceiling and roof noise reduction techniques, walls, including shared walls with neighbours and doors, shutting out sound from the outside world.

Noise reduction and soundproofing is not as difficult as many people believe but it can requires sophisticated solutions, requiring the expertise of soundproofing professionals to determine the best options. To soundproof a home or an office building, one must find the noise entry points and work out how best to block or attenuate the noise as it enters.

One must also remember that noise is similar to water; they can both easily seep into your home and office…  There are different levels of soundproofing, depending on the individual scenario. To make a room completely silent from the outside world means totally isolating it, which is often not practical or prohibitively expensive.  So, we work with our customers and other professionals to determine the optimal level of sound reduction for each specific scenario. 

We are not tied to any specific solution when it comes to specialised materials.  We use and recommend the best specific soundproofing or insulating material for the specific purpose required, rather than insist on a particular brand.  We have brands we recommend, because of course there are “best in class” products out there that we regularly use, however, if your situation asks for an alternative, we will seek that option out, rather than insist you use a particular supplier.

It all comes down to getting the best result for your situation, in the most cost-effective way we know how, based on our expertise and experience with hundreds of unique soundproofing challenges that we have solved over the years.