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Stretch Fabric Systems For Walls & Ceilings

Action Soundproofing offers a very popular system that combines aesthetics with acoustics and is designed to eliminate echo (reverberation) in restaurants, home theatres, dining rooms, meeting rooms, recording studios,wherever echo (reverberation) is a problem. It can be installed on any surfaces, walls, ceilings, doors you can chose the fabric you want, most fabrics are compatible and will be backed with different types of acoustic sound absorbers to achieve your requirements.

Action Soundproofing’s Acoustic Stretched Fabric Walling systems are simple yet extremely effective aesthetic and acoustic solutions that can be used to enhance the appearance of a variety of environments.

Action Soundproofing offers a wide range of products to provide a complete acoustic solutions to Designers of interiors from design, project management, manufacture through to installation.

Acoustic Stretched Fabric Walling systems are suitable and available for a diverse range of situations including schools, cinemas, meeting rooms, concert halls, lecture theatres and AV rooms etc…