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Commercial soundproofing solutions

Action Soundproofing has extensive experience in applying soundproofing and noise insulation solutions to large, medium and small scale commercial projects, in Australia and overseas. Commercial sound problems are multi-faceted and can have many costs.  Noise can affect workers and worker health, including stress, lack of concentration, communication issues and other afflictions where unwanted sound permeating the workplace is present. 

Unwanted noise can also affect customers and ultimately the bottom line of a business.  If customers are bombarded with sounds during the buying or servicing process they may hasten the sales process and ultimately leave. These unwanted noises could be emanating from within the business, or for external sound sources, such as neighbouring businesses, traffic, overhead aeroplane sounds or even natural sound such as animals, birds and wind. 

An example from a particular client of ours is a very noisy and busy road in Sydney, Australia, where the traffic noise of passing cars, trucks and busses was significantly affecting a classical guitar shop.  Customers were put off by the traffic noise and could not appreciate the high quality and subtle nuances of the acoustics of each guitar they were trying out. Action Soundproofing applied a number of soundproof measures to the front of the shop and made the shop into a highly pleasant environment, even though the rumbling and roaring traffic was only a few metres away.

  • Airports Soundproofing


    Airports are notoriously loud environments for workers and visitors. They need to create a quiet, pleasant atmosphere for the shops and other services in the terminals, that operate sometimes 24 hours a day.  Some of these services, such as a bar or coffee shop may even have external areas, such as a beer garden or outside terrace.  in these instances it is important to try to reduce the inevitable noises that aeroplane, refuelling trucks and other traffic generate. We successfully treat:

    • Excessive environmental sound pollution in airport terminals or in servicing hangars
    • Sound that crosses between shops and cafes within an airport terminal
    • Reverberation noises that can echo around large open spaces in a built environment such as a terminal or hangar
    • External traffic noises that can enter an airport terminal through the entrances
    • Excessive banging, clattering and rattling of many different origins within the working areas or a terminal or hangar
    • Isolation of unwanted external sound and noise away from VIP areas such as lounges and bars, where a pleasant human environment is desired and demanded by customers and passengers.
  • Automotive Soundproofing


    Many new cars are much better insulated from engine and road noise than average older vehicles.  Sometimes this is because the older vehicle have lost their original insulation or because they were simply not insulated from external sounds well enough when they were manufactured. Action Soundproofing can restor the original soundproofing qualities of an old car and can also add additional soundproofing to any vehicle, including trucks and busses - in order to create a far more enjoyable and luxurious experience for drivers and passengers.  Noise reduction can be desirable for motoring enthusiasts, but it can also be essential for professional drivers who spent their entire working day in a driving environment, in often loud and uncomfortable traffic situations. We successfully treat:

    • Engine noise
    • Road noise
    • Noises emanating from fans and air conditioners
    • Rumbles and rattles
    • General environmental noise such as wind
    • Excessive external sounds penetrating the vehicle from the outside.
  • Bus Depots

    Bus Depots

    Buses are generally quite noisy, as are the machines that service them. Working around buses can be stressful and noisy. It is a unique working environment – they even made a comedy show, 'On the Buses' based in a bus depot.  We successfully treat:

    • Reverberation noise in Bus service centres
    • Unwanted bus engine noises penetrating the passenger areas of bus terminals
    • External sounds that travel into the depot and terminal where bus transit zones are locate in busy city environs
    • Industrial sounds the permeate bus workplace areas, such as offices and canteens.
  • Cinemas Acoustic Insulation and Soundproofing


    Cinemas have issues from both inside and outside. The whole objective of a cinema is to give an unparalleled experience to the cinema goer to enjoy movies, complete with their surround sound hi-fi audio sound tracks. However, if a cinema is not really well sound proofed, then outside noises can penetrate the movie goer's experience and drastically detract from the quality of the moment. These sounds can come from the same building or from well outside.  When you go to a cinema you notice the double doors that provide the buffer zone to prevent sounds from the lobby interfering.  Cinemas have numerous sound proofing strategies, including dampening with carpets and wall materials, curtains, bafflles, etc.  We successfully treat:

    • Reverberation noise;
    • Transmission noise;
    • Reverberation noise in projection rooms
    • External environmental noise that may prevent the enjoyment of film-goers.
  • Gymnasiums


    Gymnasiums can be quite problematic on two fronts.  Firstly they can be the source of unwanted sound for neighbours but also they can be affected by outside noise, for example if you run exercise classes with relaxation segments when the external noise interferes with your clients' meditation. Heavy weights and machinery can cause loud sounds of both low frequency and mid to high frequency to come through to adjoining premises. Action Soundproofing can be involved in the planning stages to work with architects and interior designers to ensure noise problems are minimised and can also come in to existing gymnasiums to retro fit the rooms and address problematic issues.  

  • Hospitals Soundproofing


    Hospitals are another environment with their own particular issues.  Their sterile nature usually means lots of smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, which means more echoing and reverberation, even with simple normal activities, such as walking and opening and closing doors.  This is especially a problem when noises can be travelling around at night, disturbing patients who really need their sleep to recover.

    Action soundproofing understands the particular acoustic challenges of hospitals and has a range of specific solutions for typical hospital problems. Simple acoustic dampening around doors can dramatically attenuate noises penetrating into wards and surgeries, or from administration areas. 

    We successfully treat:

    • Transmission noise between examining and surgery rooms
    • Reverberation noise in common areas and waiting halls
    • External sound interference from neighbouring properties or construction zones that can affect the wellbeing of staff and patients.
  • Hotels


    Hotels rely on the superior comfort of their guests for their livelihood.  A comfortable stay in a hotel relies very heavily on the acoustic environment that you can provide your guests.  There is nothing worse than being woken up by guests in neighbouring rooms, or by other intrusive external sounds that can penetrate a hotel room that has not had its soundproof qualities addressed.  A visitor experience and memory of a hotel stay can be heavily determined by their response to the acoustic atmosphere of the hotel room. We successfully treat:

    • Transmission noise between hotel rooms
    • Waste pipe noise
    • Reverberation noise in hotel lobbies
    • Unwanted sounds from public areas, such as bars, penetrating through to sleeping areas.
  • Machinery Sound treatment


    Machinery noise can affect the users of the machinery, the people sharing the same work environment as the machinery and anyone within earshot of the machinery noise. Noise problems with machinery are not always just problems with excessively loud machines, as one might imagine.  They can also be quieter but annoying constant or intermittent noises that can affect worker concentration or even worker health. Even something as seemingly harmless as a cooling fan or a small electric motor can, if the sound is in the wrong place, cause a great deal of trouble.  Some people are more sensitive to noise than others and productivity can be adversely affected. Big, loud machines can of course be a problem as well.  We successfully treat:

    • Reverberation noise within the factory
    • Transmission noise between manufacturing plant and office space
    • Noise and sound pollution that may affect neighbours, such as after-hours shifts.
  • Marine


    While one would not expect boats to be in need of soundproofing and acoustic insulation solutions, due to the anticipated noise that one might expect out in the water, you might be surprised to know that we get asked about this a lot. Two of the main issues are the engine noise, which can reverberate and transmit right throughout the vessel, even increasing the risk of seas sickness and the general outside noise that people want to keep out of their sleeping cabins.
    We do both commercial vessels and private vessels.  Commercial requirements can be very important when you are running, say, a harbour cruise with lunch and entertainment.  The last thing you want is the rumblings of the engines disturbing and upsetting your customers.  We successfully treat:

    • Engine room & generator noise
    • Sleeping areas to prevent loud external sounds from disturbing the peace
  • Medical Centres

    Medical Centres

    These days, medical services are becoming more and more specialised and the delivery of these services is becoming streamlined and professionalised in medical centres. Quite often, complementary services are clustered together to make things more efficient of the medical professionals and the patient.  
    The downside of this is that noise problems can become an issue.  Medical Centres that are often built by property developers and sold to medical professionals, may have not had the sound and noise factors taken into consideration during the design and building phase. So neighbouring suites may have issues.  Imagine one clinic where lots of children attend, next door to another clinic with anxious older patients.  If the children cry out loud or make a lot of noise just yelling and screaming, as kids do, the problems can be very difficult.  
    Similarly, some suites might have noisy machinery, or need to run cooling fans or other equipment that makes a lot of sound.
    Action Soundproofing can  assess any medical centre or suite of clinics and determine exactly how the noise is transmitting throughout the building - whether through ineffective materials, or faults in the building that allow easy escape of sounds from one suite to another. 
    Another issue, of course, is external noise.  Quite often medical centres need to be placed in busy areas, near high traffic zones or commercial hubs.  There may be a need to soundproof external walls, doors and windows, to ensure a far more pleasant and calming environment within the centre.

    We successfully treat:

    • Transmission noise between examining and surgery rooms
    • Reverberation noise in common areas and waiting halls
    • Sound pollution from neighbouring properties that may cause discomfort to staff and patients.
  • Mining


    It goes without saying that mining is going to be a very noisy activity. So there are many demands for noise reduction within a mining site, between the site and external properties and within the accommodation sites provided for the workers.  Quite often the accommodation is temporary or closely packed together, so it is important to try to make the living standards comfortable, to avoid poor sleep which leads to poor safety at work. 

    In most cases, mining is fortunately carried out away from general populations.  However there are still many ways that noise can impact the workforce.  We can consult with the mining company to identify the worst offenders in the noise pollution department and solve them one by one.  

    We successfully treat:

    • Generator Noise
    • General Plant Noise
    • Heavy Machinery Noise
    • Air Conditioning Noise
    • Noise Within Vehicle Cabins i.e. Mining Trucks etc.
    • Accommodation sound and noise problems for mining workers.
  • Offices


    There is nothing worse than trying to concentrate at work when you are being interrupted or constantly bombarded with unwanted noise pollution. Today's modern offices are often open plan and even with enclosed work spaces, the soundproofing is almost never sufficient, since most offices are built by developers to sell and fitted out to a budget, without necessarily taking into account what it might be like to work in that environment.  Whether it be the intrusive sounds of other people's conversations, external noises from adjoining commercial spaces, air conditioning and printer noise or any other annoying acoustic intrusions, Action Soundproofing can identify the issue, determine the best ways to reduce the noise and provide a complete solution from design to construction.

    We successfully treat:

    • Transmission Noise Between Offices
    • Reverberation Noise in Open Plan Offices
    • Air Conditioning Noise
    • Plant Room Noise
    • Meeting and Private Room Reverberation Noise
    • Common Ceiling Noise Transmission
    • Computer Room Noise etc.
  • Plant Rooms

    Plant Rooms

    Any light or heavy industrial operation, even a typical office block these days, relies on plant rooms to take care of things like pumping, air conditioning, system controls, etc.  These rooms are set aside for the purpose and are usually reasonably well distanced from residential and work locations within the development.  However, the soundproofing considerations are not always managed properly.  Not only that, but plant room noise can get worse with time, as machines age and get louder and as more machines may be added into a room intended for less equipment. 

    Action Soundproofing is regularly called upon to solve plant room noise problems.  With a variety of abatement measures, a great deal can be achieved to lessen the impact of your plant room upon neighbors, employees and residents. 

    We successfully treat:

    • Transmission Noise
    • Reverberation Noise.
  • Radio Stations

    Radio Stations

    Radio Stations are similar to recording studios in that they require a lot of soundproofing to isolate the recording environment form the external world.  They also can  have other issues because they might have more than one recording booth and almost certainly would have meeting rooms and other spaces for administration, sales, marketing and creative staff.  All of this makes for a potentially noisy situation that can impact on the quality of the radio broadcasts and program recordings. 

    We successfully treat:

    • Transmission Noise;
    • Reverberation noise within the studio or editing room;
    • Noise penetrating doors
    • External noise problems that affect the quality of your broadcast or recording.
  • Recording Studios

    Recording Studios

    It goes without saying that Recording studios need to be acoustically pure to enable the capturing of performances by musicians, singers, voiceover artists, etc.  However, these days, recording technology is affordable enough to be put in the hands of amateurs and semi professionals, as well as being used for an ever-widening number of purposes.  A recording studio now can be in someone's bedroom and used exclusively for Podcast recording or YouTube videos.  Or it could be a room within a company office where staff members record instructional or marketing videos, Podcasts or Webinars.  Unfortunately, the technology has outstripped our building codes. Most buildings were never designed and built to house sensitive microphones and people passionate about recording so many different things. Generally, we need to retrofit our recording space to bring it up to standard for good quality, uninterrupted recording to take place.  

    Action Soundproofing has been called to treat many recording spaces, ranging from full professional studios, requiring the highest soundproofing available, right down to bedroom recording spaces, that just need to get the outside noise disturbances below a certain threshold to allow great quality amateur or semi professional recordings.   It can be a simple matter of starting with the windows and working from there, into doors and roof areas, where sound can leak in.  Or it could be a full treatment of double walls, floors, doors and windows in order to completely isolate the recording environment from the outside world.   
    We successfully treat:

    • Transmission Noise;
    • Reverberation noise within the studio or editing room;
    • Noise penetrating doors
    • Noise penetrating windows, ceilings and floors
    • Sounds emanating from the studio that may affect neighbouring properties.
  • Restaurants


    One of the most critical factors in making a great restaurant experience is the acoustics.  It must be that perfect mix of nice ambient sounds without being so quiet as to feel uncomfortable and overhearing every conversation at every table.  Some restaurants love that 'live' sound of the kitchen activity and a bustling atmosphere.  Others like to be more subdued and elegant. All of this takes a concerted effort, careful thought, planning and execution.  If you rely purely on chance to get the right acoustic quality on your restaurant, it wil only be good luck that helps you.

    Be engaging an acoustic consultant to assess the room, using internal and external sound considerations, you can create the desired effect.  

    We successfully treat:

    • Reverberation Noise in, Within, and Outside the Restaurant;
    • Kitchen Noise etc.
    • Problem areas, such as when a restaurant shares a building with a louder business.
  • Schools & Childcare Centres

    Schools & Childcare Centres

    Kids are by their very nature quite noisy when they play and generally live their lives.  A Child Care centre needs to be aware of the impact this can have on neighbouring businesses and residents.  Kids also need a nice safe and comforting environment within a child care centre, to reduce distraction and enhance learning. Kids aren’t always noisy, they also need nap time and time to sit in groups with the teacher and concentrate. There are many solutions to make a school or child care centre much less echoey and noisy, as well as reducing the transmission of sound from outside into the premises and from the premises to the outside world. 

    We successfully treat:

    • Reverberation noise in, within, and outside the Restaurant;
    • Kitchen Noise etc.
    • Problem areas, such as when a restaurant shares a building with a louder business.
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