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We specialize in reducing and eliminating noises

With over 15 years experience, we install & supply comprehensive soundproofing solutions for residential & commercial areas, including window soundproofing, floor soundproofing, ceiling soundproofing, wall soundproofing & door soundproofing in Sydney and beyond.

Soundproofing is not as difficult as many people believe, but it sometimes requires complex solutions. To soundproof a home or office building, one must find the noise entry points. Noise is similar to water; they can both easily seep into your home & office.... More

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    We source the best sound proofing materials in both the Australian and global markets. All Noise control products are made to our specifications in order to suit our clients' soundproofing needs.

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    Action Soundproofing has extensive experience spanning both the commercial and residential sector. Both provide unique Soundproofing applications and Noise reduction challenges.

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    • We just wanted to say thank you for your work with the doors. We’ve had two days with them in operation, and are really pleased to tell you that there has been a significant improvement in the soundproofing.

    • I had several companies come and talk to me about options for soundproofing my terrace house situated on a busy road. Jan Munzar from Action Soundproofing stood out instantly for his knowledge and professionalism.

    • I really thank you for your help rushing to finish the job. It was a great pleasure to have engaged your company’s services. You deliver fantastic work and provide great service

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