Soundproofing for New York Noise

Soundproofing New York

We’ve found a fantastic article about soundproofing in New York. It describes the incredible improvements to life that were possible due to soundproofing. Here’s a snippet:”Katherine Gleason, a writer in New York, was suffering from lack of sleep because of her upstairs neighbors. It wasn’t just the shooting noises and sirens from what she assumed were epic XBox tournaments, or the arguments or even the 4 a.m. Bee Gees singalongs that were the most disconcerting.

“I could hear their dogs breathing,” she said. …

“About 380 square feet of ceiling was treated with mass-loaded vinyl and hung on springs. Radiator pipes were placed in sound-isolating mounts. … “It’s incredibly worth it. I sleep through the night,” Ms. Gleason said. “It was either that or move.”

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As Sydney continues to develop and its population continues to grow, noise is becoming a problem for more and more residents. If you are having problems with noisy neighbours, heavy traffic or aircraft and are looking for a soundproofing solution, contact us!